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David Dunn (character) David Dunn is a fictional superhero and protagonist in M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable film series, portrayed by American actor Bruce Willis. Dunn is a former college football prodigy and a security guard who discovers he has superhuman abilities David Dunn lived in West Philadelphia most of his life as the only child to Carl and Daniella Dunn, respectively a gym teacher and a pharmacist. When he was at school, he remembers that he was bullied for his freakish size, and in one incident where he was playfully dunked by some children in the school swimming pool, he went into a frightened trance and almost drowned. He was barely revived by the lifeguard, and for the rest of his life he would develop aquaphobia, an irrational fear of. David Dunn was a football prodigy sought out by professional teams, but later in life, he finds himself in a dying marriage with his college sweetheart, Audrey, much to the distress of their son Joseph, and working as security guard at a football stadium. As he returns home from an unsuccessful job interview in New York City, David's train crashes, killing the other 131 passengers, while he is. David Dunn was born in Philadelphia in 1960. Little is known about his past except that he nearly died by drowning in a pool at his elementary school. Since the incident, safety precautions around the school's pool area have been more strict, and Dunn's story has become an urban legend among students. As a result of the trauma he endured, Dunn developed a phobia of water

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10 Overseer (David Dunn) Though Glass mostly delivered on being an Unbreakable sequel, many hoped to see more of Bruce Willis' David Dunn do more superhero work. A video game seems like the best option for that and is likely the closest fans will get to see Bruce Willis join the Marvel universe David Dunn son male reader x Marvel cinematic universe Table of contents Y/N Dunn Bio power Als eigentlich guter Held der Reihe geht Bruce Willis als David Dunn fast schon unter. Sein Part beschränkt sich vor allem auf die Ungläubigkeit und physischen Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Biest Price ist der frühere Mentor von David Dunn, der ihn dazu brachte, seine Superkräfte zu erkennen. Er wurde von diesem jedoch hinter Gitter gebracht, nachdem er durch eine Berührung in einer Vision gesehen hat, dass Price auf der Suche nach einem Superhelden absichtlich mehrere tödliche Unfälle verursachte, um eine unverwundbare Person ausfindig zu machen. Aufgrund seines messerscharfen Verstandes und seiner Fähigkeit als gerissener Taktiker wird der hochgradig gefährliche.

Dunn, David (Touchstone Pictures) [Unbreakable] E Electro (Marvel) Schurke Elongated Man Elastoman (DC) Engel, Der (Tomppa) F Flash (DC) Firestorm (DC) G Geo-Force (DC) Great Machine, The (Wildstorm) Green Arrow (DC) Green Lantern (DC) Green Lantern Corps (DC, Gruppe) Green Lama (Dynamite Entertainment) Gerechtigkeitsliga (DC) Green Goblin (Marvel) Schurke H Hanged Man (DC/Wildstorm) [Astro. Ideazione. David Dunn nasce dalla penna di M. Night Shyamalan alla fine degli anni novanta, per la precisione durante le riprese de Il sesto senso ().Con Dunn, Shyamalan voleva mostrare la sua personale interpretazione di supereroe, distanziandosi dall'iconografia classica dei Marvel e DC.Egli, infatti, sezionò il concetto di supereroe e ne inserì gli elementi fondanti in un contesto di.

David Dunn (Bruce Willis) est un banal gardien de sécurité de Philadelphie. Il est le seul survivant d'une catastrophe ferroviaire. À la grande surprise des autorités et des médias, l'homme s'en sort indemne, sans la moindre blessure ou traumatisme. Troublé par cet événement, Dunn entre dans une crise d'identité David John Ian Dunn (born 27 December 1979) is an English former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. He is now a manager, most recently in charge at Barrow. Dunn spent the majority of his playing career representing Blackburn Rovers. His first stint began as a youth player in 1997 and signed professional terms a year later

David Dunn (Bruce Willis), der Held, ist nahezu unverwundbar. Wenn er andere Menschen berührt, kann er die Verbrechen sehen, die diese begangen haben In ruhigen, realistischen Szenen erfährt der Wachmann David Dunn aka Bruce Willis hier, dass er übernatürliche Kräfte hat - und sucht in Comicheften nach Inspiration, was er mit diesen anstellen kann The Orange Man is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 superhero thriller film Unbreakable. He was a sadistic janitor who committed a home invasion and became David Dunn's first target in his efforts to become a hero. He was portrayed by Chance Kelly 2019 Captain Marvel (set dresser) 2018 My Dinner with Hervé (TV Movie) (set dresser: Los Angeles Unit) 2016-2018 Hit the Floor (TV Series) (set dresser - 18 episodes DAVID DUNN Film Critic. Analyst. Devotee. Reviews. Info; Trending. Info 'The Scope' Info; Lists. Info; Awards Coverage. Info; About; Tag Archives: Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jul 19 2019. Leave a comment. Reviews SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME ( ) Your friendly international Spider-Man. How are we still getting more Spider-Man movies? More to the point, how is it that we aren't even.

Tutorial on how to make Bruce Willis as David Dunn as T... LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - How To Make The Overseer (David Dunn) From Unbreakable, Split And Glass In dem Film überlebt David Dunn, ein Sicherheitsbeamter, als Einziger ein schweres Zugunglück. Er wird von Elijah Price, der an der Glasknochenkrankheit leidet, aufgesucht. Elijah beginnt, David davon zu überzeugen, dass er Superkräfte hat. Dabei stellt sich die Frage, welche Rolle Elijah zufällt, der in allem das Gegenteil von David ist, wenn dieser ein Superheld sein soll - Mentor. Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities. Director: M. Night Shyamalan | Stars: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Anya Taylor-Joy. Votes: 215,118 | Gross: $111.05

By David Dunn Trending 'Deadpool 3' Joins MCU Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. After many comic book fans wondered if Deadpool even had a future in the family-friendly PG-13 world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well good news for dead-heads everywhere. Not only will Deadpool 3 be rated R just like its predecessors — it is even going to become part of the Marvel. Unbreakable movie characters. Mr. Glass and David Dunn Mister Glass Fighting: Poor Agility: Typical Strength: Poor Endurance: Poor Reason: Remarkable Institution: Good Psyche: Excellent Health : 18 Karma: 60 Resources: Good, owner of an art gallery Powers None Weaknesses : Elijah Price. AKA Mr. Gl Mr. Glass not only created David Dunn, but also the Beast since David Dunn and Kevin's dad were on the train that was sabotaged by Elijah Price. Many fans think it's ironic that McAvoy is playing The Horde because his powers are similar to those of Marvel's David Haller, who also has multiple personalities, each with different powers and turns out to be the son of Professor X, also played by. 29.01.2018 - David Dunn hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest

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Sicherheitsmann David Dunn, der als einziger ein Zugunglück überlebte und ungeahnte Fähigkeiten hat, ist dem Biest auf der Spur, einem Serienkiller, dem nur eine junge Frau entkommen konnte. Es steckt im Körper von Kevin Wendell Crumb, einem Mann, zu dessen multiplen Persönlichkeiten auch ein kleiner unschuldiger Junge und eine ältere Frau gehören. Und was hat Elijah Price mit alle dem zu tun, der Mann mit den Glasknochen David Dunn was a football prodigy sought out by professional teams, but in later life, he finds himself in a dying marriage with his college sweetheart, Audrey, much to the distress of their son Joseph, and working as security guard at a football stadium. As he returns home from an unsuccessful job interview in New York City, David's train crashes, killing the other 131 passengers, while he is. Oct 6, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by David Dunn. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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  1. al, he bumps into the janitor at the railway station and has a vision of the man's crimes. David follows the man to the home and goes in after him. He finds the father's corpse before finding and freeing the children. He finds the mother's corpse upstairs, but the Orange Man pushes him off of the balcony. David lands in a pool, nearly drowning before.
  2. The Bank's a Marvel. Fiercely independent until slightly overspent, Then needing to be bailed out by the state. No-one wanted that - the party went quite flat - And the shame! To borrow cash at zero rate. Actually, that's quite funny - because whenever we lend money, We demand a huge rate of return. But when money's without strings, banks can do creative things, Like pay tax at one.
  3. David Dunn, vormals unauffälliger Familienvater und Mitarbeiter eines Sicherheitsdienstes, überlebt als einziger von rund 150 Menschen und ohne den geringsten Kratzer ein verheerendes Zugunglück. Wochen nach der Katastrophe sucht der Comichändler Price Kontakt zu Dunn. Price leidet an einem geheimnisvollen Gebrechen, dass seine Knochen bei der geringsten Belastung wie Glas brechen lässt

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Romulus (Marvel Comics) David Dunn (Unbreakable) Yuujiro Hanma (Baki the Grappler) Protagonist Characters (Fallout); via Adamantium Skeleton perk; Brit (Image Comics) Ironclad Beetle (Insects) Dokuro Banchou (Kongō Banchō) Axel Etcheverry (Los Unicos) Ciro Funes (Los Unicos) Known Objects Britney's Indestructibility Serum (Image Comics) Adamantine (Marvel Comics) Adamantium (Marvel Comics. The Beast and David Dunn from Glass Captain America and Bucky Barnes from Infinity War (Cap has the Wakandan shield and Bucky gets the vibranium arm only) Random encounter, wins by KO. DAVID DUNN (The Poet in the Suit) I am a hollow man, a frothy man A depthless one, a shallow sort Avoiding opportunities To dig deep and explore I am a custard puff, Like flatulence, an inconvenience Scarcely causing ripples Among the middle class I entertain with irony Bathos and some sophistry Egregiously witty

Handlung von Glass In Unbreakable (2000) sah sich der Wachmann und Familienvater David Dunn (Bruce Willis) durch die Konfrontation mit dem Comicbuch-Händler und Bösewicht Elijah Price (Samuel L. Avengers: Endgame ist ein von Marvel Studios produzierter US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Actionfilm, der in Teilen auch Eigenschaften eines Filmdramas und Heist-Movies aufweist. Der Film kam am 24. April 2019 in die deutschsprachigen und zwei Tage später in die US-Kinos. Es handelt sich um den 22. Spielfilm innerhalb des Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) und den vierten Avengers-Film David Dunn (Unbreakable) Dylan West/Houdini (Zoom) Cartoons/Comics. Anodites (Ben 10 series) Gwen Tennyson; Verdona Tennyson ; Hex (Ben 10 series) Chris (Bravest Warriors) Theresa (Class of the Titans) Clairvoyance Users (Danny Phantom) Black Adam (DC Comics) William Batson/Captain Marvel/Shazam (DC Comics) Captain Marvel Jr (DC Comics) Mary Marvel (DC Comics) Mento (DC Comics) Perpetua (DC. Bruce Willis reprised his Unbreakable role as superhuman security guard David Dunn in a scene at the end of the film, sipping a cup of coffee in a diner. He's watching a TV news reporter try to.

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  1. David Dunn (Bruce Willis) survives a catastrophic train wreck. Out of hundreds of passengers, he¿s the only person to walk away from the accident ¿ and he is unhurt in any way. Dunn begins.
  2. David Dunn the Raincoat vs Luke Cage the hero for hire. Who would win if they got into a fight? Who would win if they got into a fight? David Dunn is owned by M. Night Shyamala
  3. David Dunn, a.k.a. The Overseer (Glass) Glass saw all of its super-guys killed in a single scene, good guy and bad guy alike. Unfortunately, that includes David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who had been.
  4. Magik (real name Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina - typically anglicized to Rasputin) is a Marvel Comics character, associated with the X-Men. She is the younger sister of the Russian X-Man Colossus. She was created Len Wein and Dave Cockrum, and first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men # 1 in May of 1975. The character appeared as Magik in Magik (Illyana and Storm Limited Series) #1 in December of 1983.
  5. The cameo of David Dunn helped Split make more noise while it was already a successful movie at the box office. Its success greenlighted another film which is Glass . but neither Willis nor Samuel L. Jackson had signed on prior for the project. but rather, things seem to have just fallen in the right place for the studio to move forward with Glass
  6. Unbreakable movie characters. Mr. Glass and David Dunn Mister Glass Fighting: Poor Agility: Typical Strength: Poor Endurance: Poor Reason: Remarkable Institution: Good Psyche: Excellent Health : 18 Karma: 60 Resources: Good, owner of an art gallery Powers None Weaknesses : Elijah Price. AKA Mr. Gl
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David Dunn is the protagonist of the film, Unbreakable. He was a former football prodigy that was desired by professional teams, yet he found himself in the present in a dying marriage while working as a security guard. However, as he returned home from a failed job interview, the train he was in violently crashed, killing every passenger but him, who was miraculously unscathed FILMSTARTS.de : Am heutigen Sonntagabend um 20.15 Uhr feiert Glass seine Free-TV-Premiere auf ProSieben. Wir diskutieren, ob es den Filmen von M. Night Shyamalan hilft oder schadet, dass er. The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dec 26, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by David Dunn. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Marvel Database. 261,830 Pages. Add new page. Hubs. Comics; Events; Games; Movies; TV; Characters. Heroes. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) Captain America (Steve Rogers) Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Deadpool (Wade Wilson) Hulk (Bruce Banner) Iron Man (Tony Stark) Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Wolverine (Logan) Villains . Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) Loki Laufeyson; Red. Anthony Stark (Marvel Universe) Anung Un Rama (Hellboy Universe) Albert Simmons (Spawn Universe) Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia Universe) Saitama (One-Punch Man Universe) David Dunn (Unbreakable Universe) Community. Recent blog posts Help Explore. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Discuss. in: Characters, Characters from Marvel Universe, Humans. John McIver (Marvel. Anthony Stark (Marvel Universe) Anung Un Rama (Hellboy Universe) Albert Simmons (Spawn Universe) Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia Universe) Saitama (One-Punch Man Universe) David Dunn (Unbreakable Universe) Community. Recent blog posts Help Explore. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Discuss. in: Characters, Characters from Marvel Universe, Humans. Davos (Marvel Universe. Category:Original Characters | Marvel Fanon | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Marvel Fanon. 11,228 Pages. Add new page. Fanon. Universes Characters Teams Heroes Villains Neutral Characters TV Shows Spotlight. Most Popular Articles. Marvelette.

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0 comments. In the new film, From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass.Joining from Split are James. FILMSTARTS.de : Im folgenden Video dröseln wir das Finale von Glass noch einmal ganz genau für euch auf - und im anschließenden Artikel führt FILMSTARTS-Chefredakteur Christoph. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a series of superhero films, independently produced by Marvel Studios and based on characters that appear in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Star Wars Franchise. 67 22 Evan_ A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Since its inception, Star Wars has grown into one of the most well. Marvel liefert gleich mehrere Kracher im Jahr 2019. Den Anfang macht am 7. März 2019 Captain Marvel. Oscar-Gewinnerin Brie Larson (29, Raum) schlüpft in die Rolle der Titelheldin und hat.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu David Dunn is on Facebook. To connect with David, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About David Dunn. Education. University of Toronto, McGill University. Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute. Toronto, Ontario. Current City and Hometown . Palm Springs, California. Current city. Montreal, Quebec. Hometown. About David. No additional details to show; Favorite Quotes. Don't forget. The Horde, whose original name was Kevin Wendell Crumb, is the main antagonist of the movie, Split. He is a man suffering from a severe form of multiple personality disorder, with twenty-four different personalities having surfaced within him at the end of the film. Switching from these personalities drastically alters his intelligence and even physical capability, with the Beast easily being. Besondere Free-TV-Premieren locken im Mai vor den Fernseher. Mit dabei: Die Unbreakable-Fortsetzung Glass und Staffel 2 von Check Check Watch David Dunn Fight The Beast in a New Clip From GLASS Videos Movie Glass M. Night Shyamalan Bruce Willis James McAvoy about 2 years ago by Joey Paur A thrilling new clip has ben released from M. Night Syamalan' s Glass, and if features David Dunn ( Bruce Willis ) and The Beast ( James McAvoy ) facing off in fight as David is in the process of saving a group of cheerleaders

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Some shots are really innovative and clever solved when the talking David Dunn is only in the background and a operation is in front of him. Sometimes the cam Review by nick wibert ★★★★½ 2. No other movie has been able to replicate the feeling that I get from the final scene of Unbreakable. My chest swells with tearful joy at the same time that my heart sinks with dread. It is an. M. Night Shyamalan spends the bulk of Unbreakable questioning whether security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis) has super-human powers. Following a series of tests, Dunn finally accepts the hard. Spider-Gwen Fan Art, David Dunn. Just a fairly quick, comic style, finished piece of Spider-Gwen Fan Art. Saved by ArtStation. 286. Spider Woman Fan Art Spider Gwen Fan Art Drawing Marvel Fan Art. #Película #Carteles #Superhéroes #Poster #Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel #Spider-Man: Lejos de casa #Jon Watts #Jake Gyllenhall #Tom Holland #Film #Spider-Man: Far from Home #Marvel #Superheroes Movie #Marvel Cinematic Universe #MCU #Mysterio #Spider-Man #Peter Parker #Quentin Beck. 166 notes. cinemgc. Follow. Glass (2019) #Película #Carteles #Superhéroes #Poster #Glass #M. Night.

Origins: Unbreakable Name: David Dunn Classification: Human (Albeit Superpowered)/ Superhero Threat Level: Wolf+ The more he believes in his abilities, the stronger they become Destructive Capacity: Wall+ Can Easily rip off a car door with his bear hands Can lift at the least +500 lbs. Durability: Unknown David has survived a violent train wreck without so much as a scratch on his body David. - Dave Dunn to Ms. Marvel. David Dunn is the retired superhero Unbreakable, who was a member of the Watchmen during the Cold War, where he acted as the team's muscle, and best friend of Blur. Following the dissolution of the Watchmen, Dunn retired, and went to live a normal life with his family on Philadelphia, getting a job as a football stadium security guard. Even though he is retired. David Dunn is the only person to survive the accident in that film, which Elijah later reveals that he caused. In Split, Kevin must go to the train tracks in order to unleash his final personality.

New Glass Trailer Unites (and Divides) David Dunn, Mr. Glass and Crumb - Comic-Con 2018 The sequel to both Unbreakable and Split brings David Dunn, Mr. Glass and The Beast to San Diego. By Scott. As Willis' David Dunn sits at a counter, many remark at the television screen, wherein reporters breathlessly espouse that Kevin Wendell is now to be known as 'the Horde.' This is for all. David Chrastka was an assistant sound effects editor for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers and a sound effects editor for Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarok. Together with Frank E. Eulner, Christopher Boyes, Justin Doyle, James Likowski, Jana Vance, Sean England, J.R. Grubbs, Kyrsten Mate, Scott Guitteau, Teresa Eckton, Steve Boeddeker, Robert Shoup. Capes Dunn; Collectors - ONLINE ONLY; Collectors - ONLINE ONLY Stamps, Militaria, Coins Costume, Postcards, Medals, Textiles, Medals, Toys, Cameras, Records & Audio, Musical Instruments, Wines & Spirits. 351 items 351 items filter_list Filter Auction closed 23 Mar 2021 11:00 GMT gavel Capes Dunn room Stockport. Show auction details Hide auction details. Auction details Collectors - ONLINE ONLY. David Torn; Spin Marvel; The End; The Spanish Donkey; Wadada Leo Smith, Saft, Morris, Pándi; WorldService Project; Releases Menu Toggle. CD; Combo; Vinyl; SD Downloads; HD Download; DENSE[signals] Various Menu Toggle. Events; Distributors; Contact Us ; About Us; My Account; Newsletter; Releases. Filter . Leap Of Faith 2021 £ 109.99 - £ 269.99 Get It Listen. Leap Of Faith 2020 £ 99.99.

David Dunn. A shotgun shell wouldn't even bruise David, not like it hurt Kevin. 3 years ago. Usha. Follow 3726. Forum Posts. 0. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 1. User Lists: 0 #25 Usha. David Dunn's is forced into his a puddle of water, his only weakness, and Ellie asks Casey to coarse Kevin out of the Beast to stop him from hurting anyone else -- all while she reveals the first. Character page for Unbreakable. Beware of spoilers. The Dunn Family David Dunn / The OverseerPortrayed by: Bruce Willis, Davis Duffield (age 20), Colin Becker (age 10, Glass)Appearances: Unbreakable | Split | Glass A security guard who discovers MORE : Marvel fans launch petition to have James Gunn return as Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3 director MORE : Marvel Studios are planning to introduce 'brand new heroes' following Avengers 4. The latest Tweets from David Dunn (@GastelEtswane). Co-Founder of Two Geeks and a Gam

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(2018) Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Spider-Man and the Stolen Vibranium (2018) Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Spider-Man and the Stolen Vibranium (2019) Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions (1982) Marvel Super-Heroes (1967 - 1982) Marvel Tales: Avengers (2019) Marvel Team-Up (1972 - 1985) Marvel Team-Up (2004 - 2006) Marvel Two-in-One (1974 - 1983) Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble: Civil. A man named David Dunn sitting next to her tells her his name was Mr. Glass. Glass . Kevin returns taking a group of cheerleaders hostage until the intervention of a superhero called the Overseer (later revealed to be David). David frees the cheerleaders, and battles Kevin when the Beast takes the light; throughout the fight, the Beast's animal instincts and superhuman strength prove matched.

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The upcoming Glass will pit the villainous Beast from Split against Unbreakable's David Dunn for an epic conflict, the likes of which are teased in a new clip from the film. Check out the clip. Characters of the Marvel Multiverse who are Businessmen or Businesswomen. 0 Damon Dunn (Earth-1610) Daniel Rand (Earth-12041) Daniel Rand (Earth-199999) Daniel Rand (Earth-21722) Daniel Steyr (Earth-616) Danielle Winokur-Ezaki (Earth-928) Daquis (Earth-616) Dargo Stark (Warp World) (Earth-616) Dario Agger (Earth-616) Darlene Magniconte (Earth-148611) Darren Cross (Earth-616) Darren Cross. (Photo by Gramercy) 50 Movies That Defined Comic-Con. Comic-Con International: San Diego is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and across those decades a number of films have launched at the convention to various states of acclaim Created by Ben Dunn and Tommy Ohtsuka in Marvel Mangaverse #1, Marvin Ellwood was the son of that world's Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers. After the Fantastic Four helped him retrieve his father's Nega-Bands from a volcano, Marvin became that world's Captain Marvel. This hero was also tasked with taking down Galactus, who was a giant inhuman creature in this reality. While he managed to finish off. The Unbreakable film series is an American superhero thriller and psychological horror film series, involving the derailment of the fictitious Eastrail #177 train. The films were written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The trilogy consists of Unbreakable (2000), Split (2016), and Glass (2019). All of the films feature the character David Dunn. The series has been noted for its. It's unclear if Dunn is talking about his nemesis, Mr. Glass, or McAvoy's Kevin Crumb, whom he set his sights on in the final scene of 2016's Split.Whatever the answer is, we'll know a whole lot more about Glass when the full trailer is released at SDCC this Friday.. RELATED: Glass Teaser Poster Warns 'You Cannot Contain Who You Are'.

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